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Welcome to the World.

The keepers are glad that you could come. They have been waiting a long time for you.

World has been mentioned on Slashdot. As mentioned, the source is now GPL'd and downloadable. Thanks to those who sent a message of interest.

Now the site has a new home !!! This should be a stable location for it for quite some time to come. Please visit us often to find out what has been happening lately.

A lot of work has been done on the single player version. Line of sight code has been added and you will notice this when you start in the town, and then in the forest.

The current press release and more information about it can be found here.

This site, and the World is constantly changing. Have a look at the awards and mentions that the World has achieved so far.

First you should browse the documentation library. There you will find many things that are appealing to your senses. It holds all the information required to navigate around the World.

For those eager to visit the World, then that may also be done.


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