Ground Control to Major Tom

I have to say, I’m feeling in a most peculiar way.

There’s a quote from Battlefield Earth I’d like to inappropriately throw in here, because it kind of helps to give you a sense of my frame of mind

While you were still learning how to spell your name, I was being trained to conquer galaxies! – Terl (the John Travolta character)

Not that I empathise with 8 feet tall badly acted colonising aliens, but I can get a sense of what’s he going on about.

I work for a large international corporation and my role is like the newt’s body part tossed into the witches broth: essential but trivial. I’m sure they could substitute me for someone or something else (curry powder?) and I know they eventually will – but for now it provides me with a secure income and some other benefits.

I do customer service. And I give good service. I know this because I consistently get high ratings for the service that I give from my customers. I do my job well. I do, however, feel sabotaged by the other teams that I rely on to get the job done. And I can’t do anything about that.

And that’s frustrating.

So trying to find meaning in my work at the moment is pretty pointless. All my studies and training and experience are sitting there, waiting to explode forth and put me into the international circuit for … whatever and succeed.

So, it’s a matter of just taking each day as it comes. I should go and buy some Successories or something to make me feel better. I’m sure some retail therapy is what I need.

So from here, where do I go? I think we sometimes forget about things like hard work and perseverance and just think everything will go well in a couple of weeks. I’m sure Major Tom didn’t get into space without years of training.

Patience is a virtue. I tell myself that when I’m on a late running train or in a queue and people are getting antsy around me. We didn’t always have on-demand access to information and delivery of services in the past. We’re living longer but becoming impatient for things that used to take time.

Life is complicated. Life is messy. Life goes on. So, sit back, go to your happy place and let’s listen to David Bowie …

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