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Although fully functional there are many things left to do, improvements and enhancements. Here is a list of the things still to be done (in no particular order.)

  1. Character Entities - if you put invalid XML characters into an edit box (textfield/textarea) then the XML parser can't cope. There needs to be a conversion for invalid characters to their character entities.

  2. XML DTD documents - although not required for running the system, would be good to have for completeness.

  3. Image Management - non-html files, such as images, documents and so on are sometimes needed outside of the system, so a browse and upload feature would be useful.

  4. FTP Error Checking - currently, if Kumera can't connect to the ftp server no error is reported.

  5. Spell Checker - probably using a predefined list like /usr/share/dict/words if the system has it to do a spell check.

  6. Bulk Write - if you change a template, then you have to re-edit all the pages to force the new template to be used. A bulk write operation would re-write all the HTML pages.

  7. Administration Tools - for editing the acl.xml file, checking the status of the system and other useful things.

  8. Simple HTML Editor - JavaScript based HTML editor built into the textarea edit process, with the ability to predefine keys to match stylesheets.

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