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  • Editing of All Pages

  • All pages, index and sub-pages can now be edited.

  • Different XML Templates

  • XML templates can be different for different sub-directories. Only order, title, abstract, url and body elements need to be present. If you add more, Kumera aturomatically makes fields for you to enter text into them.

  • Separation of content from presentation

  • As the system is based on XML, the presentation is separate from the content. So if the templates changes, then only a re-publish is required for the site to be updated.

  • Multiple Users

  • The system can have multiple users, each with a different role within each sub-site.

  • Roles

  • The system allows different users to have different roles within the system. An editor in one section may be a writer or sub-editor in another. Thus allowing many users to maintain their own pages while not clobbering others.

    Roles are completely configurable within the system to meet the needs and model of your organisation. Some default roles are provided which can be changed by editing a configuration file.

    A writer can edit and create pages. They cannot see other writers pages or modify them, whilst they are locked out.

    A sub-editor can do everything a writer can do, and can also browse pages and edit them if they are locked out by another user. A sub-editor can commit their own pages to the main web site, as well as delete their own pages (or pages that are not being edited).

    A full-editor can do everything a sub-editor can do but they can delete any page (either a locked page or not locked) and can commit any page that is locked out. A full-editor can also upload the pages to the remote site (if required).

  • Upload

  • The system can compare local files to remote ones and allow for any new files and changes to be uploaded to the remote site.

  • Flexible Templates

  • Although the templates are not based on XSL (yet) they do allow generation and executing of perl code within them, thus allowing any extra features (eg. date stamp for pages).

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