You did what? – Venice, Veneto, Italy

Well, we got to Venice. Nice city, horrbily overpriced. Full of tourists. It was okay, but I think I can have just as good experience in the middle of no-where as somewhere.

Most surprising thing, St Marc Square is flooded during the morning because of changing tides, sinking, and George W. Bush. Also, Venice isn’t so tourist friendly, or really, Italy isn’t. There was one person at the tiny information counter at the station, and she didn’t seem at all happy to talk to us. Or anyone.

We didn’t have a hotel booked. The person at the hotel booking desk suggested one place for 70 euro. So, we walked out of the station, turned left, and then left again and found a bunch of small hotels my brother suggested. We took the last one which had a room with no bathroom (well, shared) for 60 euro. For two nights.

We walked a lot. And ate cheap food. A lot.

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