Ying and yang

The balance of the Universe.

Yesterday there were local elections. They didn’t seem very exciting but to promote themselves the politicians would drive around in cars with big loud speakers on them, blurting out stuff I rarely understand. Usually I can make out arigato gozaimashita which means thankyou.

The weather has turned a lovely shade of orange as the grey of Winter oozes slowly out to the South.

I have a new seat on my Mountain Bike which I forgot to mention that it got stolen. Yes folks, I have a brand new Panasonic Bike (it’s not this one, but it is close to it, mine is black and silver) and the seat and seat post got stolen, which doesn’t bother me too much, as it was very uncomfortable and I was going to get a new one anyway. But it took a while to work out how to get one, and then when I did I discovered there is a bike shop 5 minutes from where I live that I could have bought the seat post and seat from them. Such is life.

I went for a bike ride, did some Kanji homework and then went for another ride it was such a fine day. But somewhere along the way one of those vans with the loud speakers starting following me. Even though I was riding down little backstreets I could still hear this very quiet arigato gozaimashita in the background.

But I think my personal Universe is geared to creating a balance each sleep cycle for me.

I say this because, generally, if I have a good day before I start work at 5pm, then work doesn’t go very well. And if I have a bad day at home for whatever reason (like discovering my bike seat has been stolen, or getting up at 2pm) then work turns out okay. There is a fundamental force at work that requires each day to have a balance of good and bad, karma and dogma, salt and papper, ying and yang. But for the last two or three days it has been all good, which means I expect something bad to happen the closer I get to sleep time. But in balance, I have had quite a sore throat which I think is the negative factor working in my life. Just to make sure I keep on my toes, the Universe has decided to run good and bad in parallel and make me feel good, while I feel bad.

After riding around for quite some time I stumbled across this really peacful park at the water. And in the background I could hear, ever so quiet, arigato gozaimashita.

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