Where am I now? – Milan, Lombardy, Italy

So, arrived in Italy, via Madrid. I was horribly disappointed by the customs and immigration in the EU. Boring stamp, no real check of my stuff. I had dog poo on my shoes in my bag, I had had the injections for Yellow Fever, I had food. Nothing, nothing at all. No checks. We were told we had to pick up our bags in Madrid, go through customs and then re-check them in for internal to the EU. Well, the bags went all the way to Milan. So, nothing. But the bottle of wine we bought in Chile got taken when we changed flights. We could put it into our bags because they had gone all the way to Italy. So, good by wine.

Milan was good. We didn’t see much because we had our time there pre-planned. Mum had an apartment booked for her, and we stayed there. We ate in and saved a bunch of money.

The family party was fun. Too many languages. And terrible weather. I am definitely rain boy. One thing, beef nerves is a delicacy here. Errrg.

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