Where am I? – Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and Canary Islands

Here. So, Barcelona. Definitely worth the effort. Lots of cool buildings, good vibe. Not cheap, but if you look after yourself you can do all right. We’ve been to lots of Gaudi places, the funky park and building that everyone knows about. And the big church that’s still being built.

I think it’s definitely a livable city. Good public transport, good climate. Good food. Maybe Santiago and Barcelona so far are my two non-English speaking livable cities. Cardiff being in the English speaking side. Although, I don’t know of any Dr Who being filmed here.

We’re staying in a nice new hostel, and except for the noisy, drunk Germans who didn’t clean up after themselves in the kitchen, it’s pretty good.

We went to the Picasso museum. It was interesting to see how his work had evolved through the years. He started painting when he was 11, and did some very good work in the traditional method. So, any arguments that he couldn’t paint are gone. I guess he could do the boring stuff by the time he was 20, and then started experimenting. He met lots of cool people, got drunk with them and then painted. What a great life.

Inside the big churchy thing that’s still being built it looks like a construction site. We’ll have to come back in about 30 years to see the finished thing. But in the basement was a museum of how Gaudi got his ideas. A lot of the tessellated tiles patterns were from microscopic views of rocks and crystals. Cool.

Off to the wine district next, after a detour to Dali’s place. Oodles of culture.

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