Weird, weirder, weirdest

The last not has happened much.

It is happy color of the world!
It is happy color of the world!

Bright morning comedown from
your window.
What color of twinkle you can
see from your eyes?
What kind of world you can see
from your eyes?

There is just front of you.
The world of “REQUEST” with
mean always makes you happy
and spreads to the bright world.

It is happy color of the world!
Because your feeling gets across
to your people from color of the

That little piece of poetry was on the cover of some A4 sized clearbook folders I bought recently (see photo to the above right.) It is currently the best example of Japlish or Engrish that I have.

As opposed to the Cream Collon I found. I’m not sure if I am supposed to eat it, or apply it.

Cream Collon
Cream Collon

But that said that mountain bike that I bought, which had the really uncomfortable seat, well, someone stole the seat (and the seat post it was attached to.) Buying a new one has been a hassle because the seat post comes in different sizes, and the shop I went to will have to order in the one I think I need. Hopefully the seat will be more comfortable this time.

Things are settling down. I’ve got a bank account, phone and so on. All the things I need to survive. I have a had a lot of Hanami parties lately, which I will write about soon. Have fun, keep going and just be real.

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