Typhoon 14

It’s a little windy today.


First of all, a side note about the last entry. It took me 3 hours to get to the hospital because I got lost. I mis-read the instructions, mis-understood the Japanese bus driver (or he was wrong) and ended up catching the right bus in the wrong direction. Got to see the arse end of Fukuoka city, rice paddies and mountains. Quite beautiful. Somewhere I’d like to live.

The hospital was god-awful. It looked run down. Although it’s a premier establishment in the Japanese medical system, I just felt, well, depressed by it. That said, what was I expecting? Something like the Heart of Gold?

So, yeah. Typhoon. It’s quiet now because we’re in the middle of a 100km or so wide eye. This morning is was all gusts and rain, and things going everywhere. No cows though. Bit like my life really. Had another fight with She. I’m getting a little tried of her selfishness and stubbornness. Category 5? Well, from the inside, they all look the same.

In about an hour or so, Nabi‘ll pick up again and we’ll catch the tail end of the typhoon for a couple of hours or so. Glad I’ve got food and some good DVDs to watch.

In a tedious metaphor, today we’re also having a bit of a lull. I’m sure tomorrow we’ll be all blustery again, and then the calm after the storm. I also promised my friend I’d go and see her in the hospital again. Although this time, I think I’ll be in a better frame of mind to deal with it.

But the storm is coming. It’ll drop by later tonight. I think it stopped in Sasebo for a burger. It’s time for me to go and have some curry rice.

Seen on a t-shirt, worn by a girl:

Girl friends are fun. Men friends are funner.

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