Top of the World, Ma. – Cusco, Peru

I´m 3000 or so metres up. I noticed coming in on the plane that the ground didn´t seem so far away. We´re trying to deal with altitude sickness by not doing much. Ayaka´s foot is getting better slowly, but it still bothers her. The roads here are narrow and full of taxis, so we have to be careful.

When you poo, you have to put the paper in the bin next to the toilet. Err, yuk.

Cuzco. A little different to New York. And Tokyo. And Fukuoka. I can´t drink alcohol here, it´s too dangerous, it goes to your head really quickly. Generally things here are pretty cheap, except when you get ripped off at the airport with the taxis. One day I will learn that the taxis at the arrival gate are the most expensive. And tipping, I should just say no.

The coffee is good. At least, the little I´ve had so far.

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