Too much TV, not enough time

Those zany shows that I just don’t understand.

Over here there are several, really mad game shows. The one I really like, and would volunteer to be an “unsuspecting guest” on is the one involving taking a bath with the Japanese female magazine models.

Now, before everyone I know and love reads this and really freaks out. understand that this is Japanese TV, and if you haven’t seen it then you just can’t comment. Okay.

So, you must remember that taking a bath over here is a cultural event, that it can be a whole family thing (if the tub is big enough) and nothing sexual at all about it. One uses the bath to soak in, after cleaning, which is done outside the bath. Lots of water gets used.

So, they pick someone, I assume they have been dobbed in, and put a few secret cameras and microphones in the bathroom/shower. (The dunny is always in another room.) These rooms are solely for taking a bath and washing. So, the bloke takes a bath. He is usually about 40 or so, may have a family, sometimes not. Anyway, he’s taking his bath after scrubbing, and lo and behold, in pops this georgeous girl (wrapped in towel that never comes off) and takes a bath with him, scrubs his back, and so on. Then maybe, in pops fantastic girl number 2.

All of this is being watched, by us, the viewers on the hidden camera, and the host and guests of the show, who seem to be fairly well known, as is the show. Eventually, when this bloke comes out all is revealed to him, which, I can’t see being a real shock after having these models just drop in for a bath with him.

Another show did something last week, where they found this guy (Japanese) and girl (Gaijin), both in their 20s, got some information about them and what they were like as school kids. Then they dressed them up in school unforms (where they got a Sailor Moon uniform large enough for the girl, I don’t know – if they bought it new, the explanation would have been interesting.) But then, they hypnotised them to think they were school kids again, and that they were each others secret admirer. It was very funny. I had no idea what they were saying, but the reactions of this shy, unassuming boy, and this passionate girl were great. At one point when the girl professed her love for him, gave him a pressie and wrapped her arms around him, he ran off as fast as he could. When they were brought out of hypnosis, they were holding hands, and both jumped apart immediately not realising what had happened.

These crazy Japanese.

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