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More shopping, shop, shop, shopping. With a small break inbetween to do some shopping. And maybe after this, I’ll go and do some more shopping. Then quick shop to finish up with before the final shop, before heading home to shop again.

I’m not actually buying anything, just looking. I’ve been trying to get a copy of the Fight Club, or should I say “Faito Kurabu” poster in Japanese for a friend, and if I find that I can possibly get Blade Runner, and a few others that I really like. Unfortunately though, I’ve seen lots of posters, but they are all US imports, and so all in English. There’s been lots of really, really cool anime stuff from movies like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, some Matrix stuff and Astro Boy. But mostly it’s Star Wars. Since Star Wars is the current trend, and has such a huge marketing machine behind it that’s what most of the toy shops stock. Hopefully it’ll be just a passing fad (in Japan, a passing fad? Never!) and it’ll settle down. Perhaps when the two Matrix movies come out next year then we’ll have better luck with the quality and quanity of merchandise for that one.

One thing I had to get today was a wedding present for my sister. When I got to the department store and had a look around an assistant asked if I needed any help. His English wasn’t too bad. Neither were his shoes. He collects shoes, and he hadn’t seen any like mine before (Doc Martin Yellow Stitch, size 9.) Needless to say, his were these spiffy black leather ones, with a buckle strap. Mine have started to look worse for wear after tramping halfway across Japan. I should go back and give him the URL for the Doc Martin website (if I can find it.)

Anyway, once I had actually chosen the item, I had to convince the sales person I wanted to buy it. Once done, he then whisked me over to a row of chairs, commented that I must be tired from shopping and plonks me down. He then gets a new item from the storeroom, lets me check that it’s okay and there are no problems. Then he wraps it, and does a very, very good job at that (they love wrapping here) and then I can pay for it. The whole experience was exactly that, and experience. Very different to the tin-pot little shops I have normally been going to.

I’ve also found a good source for Tim Tams, and Tiny Teddy biscuits. Also another Osamu Tezuka shop (the Astro Boy creator) and some other really, really cool toy/general modern Japanese pop material places.

Now all I need is a job.

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