So, here we are, again.

Today is the 30th birthday of one of my friends. A year ago I didn’t know her. She chose me to be her friend for her Goodbye to my 20’s party. I felt quite honoured. I also felt quite drunk after the fantastic bottle of wine she brought along to help us celebrate.

And again, much like last time, we wonder why it is that we have to be old. Why do we have to take on responsibility? Why can’t we just be? Why do we have to take on jobs and look after everyone else?

I think part of the answer is the responsibility of being born. Here in Japan there is a big problem with the National Pension Scheme. There just might not be enough money to go around. Those working now have to pay a lot more tax to fill the gaps of previous policy mistakes. But we didn’t choose this mistake. We didn’t choose this life.

And then of course, it comes back to me. What do I want? Does anyone care? Am I just being selfish having a winge about who I am?

Anyway, I figure I’ll be out of debt by December. But then I’m supposed to go back to Australia for a quick holiday and I’ll be in debt again. Seems to be a vicious circle really.

One of the guys here left work yesterday. He leaves to return to Ireland on Monday next week. I’ve been here a year and a lot of people I’ve met have left and a lot of new people have arrived. It’s weird. It feels so transitory.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Like how the hell is a chunk of rock going to go out and farm a forest for bits of moss? And who wants the moss anyway? I mean really, what the hell is it supposed to mean? A stone can’t roll forever? Didn’t Newton have something to say about that?

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