Things are well

A little complicated.

So, now what?

I’ve recently been prostituting myself on EBay a lot lately. That’s been going well. My Japanese has improved, so I can read Astro Boy and not have to resort to the dictionary too often. And I can follow the TV and conversations, but only just.

I went to a friend’s house last night, to watch fireworks. Much Japanese was spoken, and I could follow some of it. I think the family thought I could follow all of it, but, well, no.

And it’s bloody hot and humid, still. I don’t have an air-conditioner or fan (which is really my own stupid fault.) So, I don’t sleep well. And because I sleep with the balcony door open, the noise of the cicadas wakes me up at 7am, and them it’s too hot to get back to sleep. So, it might be better to say that I don’t sleep at all.

I think, ideally, I should write more. But I’m not going to. Tough.

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