The daily grind

More exciting adventures in Japan.

I’ve been sitting on this email for a while, wondering what to do about it.

Subject: Look in the mirror.

“I’m tired of pigheadedness, of people boring me with stories that I have no idea what the hell they are on about. Of people talking to me, thinking I might have one iota of interest in them.” reference

Maybe you need to open your eyes and ears. You seem very close minded. Each culture is different. You really dont seem to “listen” as you state to anyone else but yourself.

I wasn’t really sure what to make of this. The sender used the instant message feature and used my email address as the From: address, so I’ve got no idea who sent it. So what irked me was that I couldn’t respond and talk to the person, (maybe they didn’t want to listen) and enter into some sort of dialogue and also that with the Internet, the nature of communication is different and so the idea that I dont(sic) seem to listen is superfluous. I don’t expect anyone to listen. This is my little space for my litte rants. I don’t care if you don’t listen, I don’t care what you think. If you aren’t happy you can jump to one of the 4,285,199,774 web pages that Google tracks. I do listen, the point was that I had no choice but to listen to the American.. I didn’t get a chance to respond.

Anyway, work sucks. And it’s about to get worse. More details later.

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