So different – Santiago, Chile

Well, Santiago is so different to Lima.

First of all, dates and times are completely messed with in my head. We had a 12:30am flight, so we had to get to Lima airport the day before really to fly. The flight was about 3 hours so we didn´t sleep much, and then we arrived on the 9th. The hostel had a room ready or us so we checked in at 6am, slept and then got up. So, we thought we had only one day in Chile, not two. I think. It´ll be just as bad when we fly to Italy. At least there´s no problem with the International Date Line like flying to New York. (I´ve heard that Sydney to Santiago is the biggest mess with your head trip there is.)

Something about Lima I forgot to mention. Places like Starbucks and some of the outdoor cafe´s had straps on the chairs. It took us a few times to work out what they were for, to strap your bag onto the chair because of bag snatching.

So now Santiago. Yesterday we went to the “Conche y Toro” winery. We had some food and good wine from the wine bar. It was good to have something different and some booze as well. Ayaka got a little too drunk. We went shopping to make dinner at the hostel, and then got home. We fell asleep because we hadn´t slept properly for 48 hours. We didn´t take dinner, just kept sleeping.

Walking around Santiago, catching the subway, looking at the shops and everything, it seems like a good place. The water is drinkable, you can flush paper down the toilet, and the city has a vibe to it. Lots of art, museums, culture. Sadly we won´t be here when Boy George tours at the end of the week.

Today we´re going to try the Museum of Contemporary Art, and a good coffee shop the Hostel people suggested. Chile isn´t known for its coffee (like Peru) but is for its wine.

The currency is a bit difficult. USD 1 = CLP 500. And things are cheaper here, so I´m constantly thinking about how much something should cost so I don´t get ripped off again. For example, a Starbucks coffee is about CLP 1400, which is about $2.80. I think. Which seems okay, but is that expensive coffee in Chile?

Tomorrow is the 35th aniversary of the military overthrow of the democractically elected government. We were told to be careful. Bombs might go off.

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