Sleep no come. — Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India

Another night train, more hours walking around Mumbai. At least we found the luggage storage place in the main station, and could get tickets easily for the next place. There was a hellishly long queue at the foreign ticket counter. Luckily it was behind me. We got in a Mumbai at about 7am, and went up to the ticket counter at 8am.

Buying tickets on the Indian trains requires a lot of knowledge. You have to know which long distance train you want to catch. There’s a large board with all the names of the trains, and their destinations, but not the route. To buy a ticket you fill in a form, hand it over, decipher what they guy is saying, check the ticket and pay. There was a woman in front of me buying 5 tickets. So, that’s 5 forms, 5 checks and 5 payments.

Oh, and the power is about to go off here. Time to go.

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