Sleep — Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Okay, so the town is a dust bowl. One thing we’ve noticed, besides the smell, is that people spit a lot. It seems there’s some sweet/candy thing you buy in a single packet, it makes your mouth really red and makes you spit a lot. The empty plastic wrappers are left on the ground. I think it helps to stop dust building up in you mouth.

Foul really. Good for one night, not for two. The only reason to come here is to visit the Ellora caves, and then move on. There are some other caves further away, which I think we should have made an effort to get to, but energy levels and timing just aren’t there.

India seems to have a recurrent theme running though it. First rip-offs. When ever you get into a taxi or rickshaw you have to insist to see the taxi meter fare sheet, and request the meter to be used.

Also, Indians seem to have no sense of civil respect. Trying to get onto buses, trains, etc is like one big fight through the morass of humanity. There’s no queueing, no waiting, just push in and crush everyone else in the way.

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