As Jesus.

Jesus Santa
Jesus Santa

So, we all hear stories of seeing a Santa crucified on a cross like a Jesus. I presonally haven’t seen that. But what I have seen is Santa done up as the King of Heaven, with a crown and wings. To either side of him are angels blowing trumpets. Now I know the picture isn’t too good. I had to use the camera on my phone, but I’ll take some regular photos and scan them in soon.

A few weeks ago I went to Korea by JetFoil. The only unsettling thing about the trip there was the typhoon coming over. As such, we had a fairly large swell. I was fine, I think it must have been all the 8 hour car trips as a child that trained me to handle those conditions. What however did make me feel sick, was the sound of everyone else throwing up. It was a vomitarama. Wall to wall chunder. The poor staff had to keep going around collecting vomit bags. The sound of my friend having a hurl woke me up from my sleep. I blame those who had beer with their breakfast for their own demise. The others, well, I don’t know.

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