Roman Holiday – Rome, Lazio, Italy

I am rain boy. One day in Rome and it rained all day. So, on to tomorrow. The place we stayed in, on another floor was a hotel called Fawlty Towers. It was full.

A few things, in Italy most in good toilets you have to pay, which is silly. We saw some people at a regional train station keeping the door ajar while a few people queued up so only one had to pay. And the police walked passed and did nothing.

We got to Rome and found some cheap (well, 60 euro) places to stay. Usual thing, shared bathroom, no breakfast. The main train station is a bit scary, lots of unsavoury characters hanging around. One people asked me in English for help with the ticket machine, which I declined because his two friends surrounded us while waiting.

Met Mum and Dad for dinner again, which was nice. Might be able to catch up with them in Wales as well.

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