Out my window

I can see the future.

Found this today. Well, I find lots of cool sites each day, but this one I liked. After seeing aerial shots of Fukuoka Dome (the baseball park) and lots of Shinkansens (bullet trains) on TV recently, the gallery seemed to resonate with me an idea about how the future had been projected, and what we ended up with. Japan is a good example of what is happening. On the news recently the court case from the nuclear power plant mishap, which was where workers bypassed all the safety protocols and caused a massive radiation leak, is coming to a close. There have also been stories of plants that were closed due to cracks in pipes, being reopened.

Back in the 50’s people were shown a new and exciting future, to be lead with the promise of cheap, clean nuclear energy. I’d hope that by now we’d know the difference between reality and fiction, between advertising and truth.

I’ve been reading quite a few books, of which I’ll write about later. But the one I was most excited to get was William Gibsons’ Pattern Recognition. This time, he has set the book in the present day. It reads as though he’s been getting into the same sort of material as myself, including Naomi Klein’s No Logo, and similar. As with most of his books, and really most books I’ve read, I quite enjoyed it. But more than that, I found it a deeply satisfying book.

I also picked up a copy of The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, maybe because I needed some guidance on how to handle Language School politics. It was actually quite good. I think a lot of people have mis-interpreted what it’s really about though.

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