On top of the World – Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Peru

So that was Machu Picchu. In all, it wasn´t so bad. Well, I had eaten “Cuy al Horno” the night before, and it decided to take revenge on me the next day. The toilets at the top of Machu Picchu, which cost S.1 (about 30 cents) didn´t have any toilet seats. Peru Style. (Did I mention they have a bin next to them for the paper?)

Anyway, we got up at 4:30am, had breakfast, caught the bus up and waited for sunrise. Someone forgot to order blue sky, so instead it had that mysterious cloudy can´t see a thing look about it. Anyway, we walked around for a few hours sneaking in behind tour groups to listen to some explinations of bits and pieces. Maybe we should have got a tour or tour guide, but we didn´t. I guess it means we´ll have to go back again sometime.

The train back to Cusco had about 35 fat middle aged Americans from Utah. Thankfully they didn´t try to talk to us much. I think they were all LDSers (or LSDers). And filthy rich. They were mostly associated with BYU (Bringham Young Uni?) and were very excited about the American College football results. So much so that they sang the team song when they found they had defeated Washington. Or something like that. The train trip was very tourist oriented. The rail staff did a cheesy fashion show and the punters loved it, and bought lots of stuff. Well, I just wanted to sleep.

The train trip back into Cusco was great. The night time view of Cusco is beautiful, if cold. The street lights are all yellow colour, and the city is in a (maybe) caldera with the town curving up each side. It looks like a giant sun.

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