On the train again – Naples, Italy

So, the last day in Rome was spent doing things like exploring the Roman ruins around the Colosseum, which was pretty good. I did see recently two young guys leaving the subway station holding a wallet, that looked like they had just taken it from someone as they we looking quickly at the contents.

The Roman ruins were pretty good. After that we took a train to Naples. It’s said that one should see Naples and die. I don’t know if that means seeing the city will cause your death, but now that I am here. I think so. The city is right well filthy. Garbage everywhere. The streets just don’t feel safe. Lots of Africans selling counterfeit good (usually bags or sunglasses) and old Italian men gambling on the street with cards or other tricks. There are slot machines in cafes. Except for Pompeii (which was really good, give yourself a full day to walk around, it’s huge) and the food (but no one here eats the pizza crust) it just isn’t that great.

I just wonder what the people who live here think. Have they just given up and don’t care? Or what?

Oh, and we had another person approach us at Rome train terminal for money for the ticket machine, with two of his friends crowding us in. Just not a good feeling in this country.

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