On the Internet again – Lima, Peru

So, here I am again, on the Internet. In Lima it doesn´t seem like there´s much to do unless you plan ahead for a tour or something. The feel of the city is different to Cusco, as you´d expect. But at least I know why there have been so many police around Cuzco and Lima. It seems that El Presidente back in May decreed some laws that allowed mining and energy companies to buy land for exploitation, and the local Andean people didn´t quite like it. So, a few weeks ago the army was sent in to Cusco to stop to protests. When we were there, we had no idea about that. The law was repealed last Friday by the Peru parliament and today in the Miraflores area of Lima (where we are staying) there has been a protest march down the street.

Did I mention the cockroach in the vegetarian pizza? Maybe it would have been okay if it was a meat pizza.

I´m sure Lima is more interesting than what we´ve experienced, but I think Peru has more to offer as well. That said, it´s been good to have a relaxing day today. Lunch was food from a supermarket. It was great to walk around and see lots of choices for food again. I think New York had more in terms of drinks and juices but otherwise it was very tempting to buy lots of yummy stuff. The chocolate selection wasn´t as big as Australian supermarkets, but the people are just as large. But they might tourists from the U.S.

On the flight from Cusco to Lima, I sat next to two large Andean old guys who I think hadn´t flown much. One of them had to get a last breath of outside air before we took off, and they both spent the flight looking out the window. One thing I do when I fly is check the life vest under the seat, and I didn´t have one. It didn´t worry me so much as we didn´t fly over much water.

Next stop is Santiago in Chile, which is quite chilly now. We´ll try and be a bit more active in getting out and doing things in the city I think. And drinking coffee. And wine.

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