Ever happens.

Okay, so it’s been a slow few weeks for writing. But since no one has pestered me for more, I don’t really care. That said, I still enjoy doing it. Maybe if for no other reason than that I can get emails where people call me a mindless bore.

I’ve been reading through Walden. It’s a difficult book, but there are some exceptional insights and passages for a book written in the 1850s. This edition has lots of extra material to try and understand what Walden is about. That said, I’ve taken about 2 months to read it because I keep wandering off and reading other books.

I am also spending a lot of time with friends, and studying Japanese (or doing both at the same time.) Getting the balance right is quite difficult. I’am also trying to save money, which is quite difficult as I’m not earning a lot of money at the moment, and am too lazy to get more work. And Japan, as well all know, is very, very expensive.

Next on our broad vista of interesting things to read, is this article from the Sydney Morning Herald. And, as much as I hate Miranda Devine, she also writes about the same issue. Go read them.

There are actually quite a few sites and places to go for good reading. Some of the best are also some of the weirdest.

I also came across this one today. Why did I like it? That’s a hard question. Maybe because it reminds me of a movie I saw many years ago called Pump Up The Volume which I think pre-dated a lot of the ideas of blogging. And the name the Chinese dissident used was The Stainless Steel Mouse which is reminiscent of some books by Harry Harison.

And finally the lyrics for a song I quite like. In this mindless world sometimes we need to be reminded that, really, deep down, nothing ever happens.

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