New New New New New York – New York, New York

So, New York. It definetly had a different feel to what I was expecting. More like a really, really, really big country town. People weren´t in such a big rush all the time. But some things were big apple. The first night the only place we could find open was McDonald´s and as much as I hate it, if I was going to eat it anywhere, New York would be the place. The first thing I noticed, which I have seen again and again in N.Y. is that counter staff are either Hispanic or Black. And not so polite. Coming from Japan, it was a shock. When we sat down to eat at the window, I could see people walk past, stop, put their hand on their stomach and then turn around and come in for a bite to eat. These people definitely lack self control.

There are lots of deli like places, so breakfast was something bready. So was lunch. Dinner we went to a jazz bar that was good. I´m glad I didn´t order a steak, they were the size of half a cow. There´s no way I could have finished one.

On of the things that struck me was that I could understand people. Mostly. The English speakers were sometimes a little difficult to follow, and there was a cocophny of other languages on the street. Spanish was everywhere, on signs, on ATMs and ticket machines for things. There was also a real mix of people. I really expected to see a movie camera because they all looked like they were from a scene from something I had seen.

Our accommodation was a small apartment used as a dorm with 12 people. Bunk beds. For two nights, in the centre of Manhattan, it was pretty good. And cheap. But there were a lot of people, but being all Japanese they were were quiet, even if no one turned the lights out.

We went to Mark Chapman´s scene of infamy, and the IMAGINE place. We went to Times Square and did a HEROES inspired Yatta.

We also went to a delicious looking supermarket called Zabars. I wanted to buy everything. After Japan, it all looked so good.

Starbucks was a disappointment. In Japan, Starbucks is a nice relaxing place where it feels comfortable and easy to stay for an hour or two. In New York, it was like a regular coffee shop, and not all that nice.

And then we left.

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