My mountain bike

A big time for buying things.

Last week I bought a new suit.

My mountain bike
My mountain bike

On the weekend I bought a mountain bike.

There are other, more pratical things I need to get like a kettle (am microwaving my cups of hot water.) A Hello Kitty Toaster, a low table and cushion for the computer and my bum as well as a bookshelf, probably all from Muji.

These two apparently unrelated incidents are in fact tied closely together. The first event, the purchase of a new suit was remarkable because I actually went out and (a) bought some new clothes, and (b) it was a suit. Quite a spiffy suit too. Yes, yes, photos will appear sometime soon. I go to work each day wearing a suit, a shirt and a tie, tied with either a full windsor or half windsor knot.

The mountain bike, which I got at an ‘el cheapo store called Takayama (which means High Mountain, go figure) is pretty good. It has 21 gears (3×7) front and rear suspension and a very uncomfortable seat. I’ve got a really sore arse from riding around for about 10 hours on the weekend. I only rode around so much on Saturday because I got lost going to see the big ferris wheel at Maranoa City, and on Sunday because I wanted to go and and eat at the Australian Bean’s Cafe which is Nishi-jin, a few subway stops towards the middle of the city.

What this also means is that I now have a motive to exercise. I don’t think it’ll be a fad that I’ll drop sometime soon. As it warms up, the days are really good for bike riding. (And it’ll be cherry blossom viewing soon, so every weekend is a fabulous time to go out and relax in the parks.) Heaps of people ride their bikes here, so people drive their cars a lot more carefully. But a down side is that one does not need a bike helmet, so I can’t find one to buy.

So, I dress better now and think I actually look better in a suit. I still go scruffy on the weekends, but I am now aware that I am scruffy. Very scuffy. But it must be a slow metamorphosis happening to me. Maybe one day I’ll wake up turned into a giant beetle.

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