Mr Grumpy in (and out of) Japan

Welcome to my (now finished) journal about daily life in Japan (and elsewhere.)

In April and May of 2002 I travelled around Japan for a long holiday – my first overseas holiday.

And then, from the 13th of February, 2003 I lived in Fukuoka city, Kyushu. I taught at NOVA, FCC, ECC and the YMCA, and spent my days studying Japanese, sleeping, eating, hiking and reading books.

And in the end we took off at the end of August 2008 for 3 months or so of travelling around the world. You can read the original diary (with maps) at TravelPod – Turning left at Albuquerque.

And then, in December 2008, I returned (alone) to back to Australia to start my next phase in life.

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