So, now a new place to live.

So, now I’ve moved. To Miyake. It’s definitely a different place to Nishijin, where I used to live.

Whereas before I lived near the subway line, 3 supermarkets, and some of my favourite stores. Now, I live in what feels like the edge of the city, with not much at all nearby. That’s not exactly true. But in Nishijin, I could get a DVD, beer and so on all within 10 minutes walk (in the same direction) of my apartment. Now, it’s a 10 minute bike ride.

So, why did I move to this remote outpost of Fukuoka City? Well, to save money. The rent is cheaper and I could sell off all my stuff without having to worry about timing before I leave. (This place has a TV, fridge, etc.) And also to fight to get my bond and “gift” money back from my last place (another story, another time.) And also to try and get some routine into my life, to get fit (it’s a 25 minute bike ride to town) and to get my act together. So far I’m failing at everything except the bike ride bit.

Oh, and I’m going to get the dole. Yeah, I’m going to be a dole bludger.

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