Missed the bus – Pisac, Sacred Valley, Peru

So, we missed the bus. Or more to the point, the bus missed us. I had booked a tour of the Sacred Valley around Cuzco, and had received information about it from the tour company, except for one vital piece of information. Where to start, and at what time. They asked for my hotel, which I sent. We got up early, had breakfast and waited. And waited. After 9am, we gave up and decided to make our own tour, which I think was better.

So, we got on a very cheap local bus and went to Pisac, where a market runs three times a week and is quite cheap. Just outside of Cuzco we were stopped by the police where they asked for everyone´s ID card. We got out our passports but the police didn´t seem to need them. Near Pisac, there is also an Incan/Spanish ruin which the missed tour would have taken us to, but didn´t. So we walked for a bit, had lunch and got some stuff. The bus trip home was an adventure as well. It was packed with local people going home for the day.

We´ve only been on the trip for a week, and we´re tired already.

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