Long time

No see.

Hello old friend.

I realise it has been quite some time since I last wrote anything.

So, a quick update. I’ve made lots new new friends recently through various means. None of which included 軟派する.

Mum came over for a week, and we went to Hiroshima and Kyoto. I then had a few days in Tokyo at the end, where I stayed in a capsule hotel.

My Japanese is improving.

I went and did some work with about 30 Japanese and foreign volunteers at an organic farm down in the countryside of Kyushu, which was good. It also tested my Japanese skills quite a bit. We did forestry work and rebuilt a traditional Japanese stone wall with at a rice paddy.

I learnt some Hakata-ben, which is like the local dialect.

And I guess I’ve settled down more. I’m drinking as often, which is good. I’ve got lots of books to keep me company, and am finding new and exciting things to eat.

And as for Tokyo, well I think it’s like a giant theme park that was built in the 1960’s and never renovated.

I’ll try and write up stuff over the next few days as I remember it, and if I don’t email me and pester me about it.

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