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Life is not a NIKE slogan.

I’ve just started reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. Although I am only a few chapters into it, I can see all other functions required to sustain one within society will be pushed aside in order to devour this tome.

Wednesday, a week and a half ago we had a 6.0 aftershock at 6:12am. Although there was some debate whether this should be called an aftershock or and earthquake. It was on the same fault line as the first, and subsequent aftershocks. A few minutes later there was another biggie, and then for the remaining few hours there were smaller and smaller ones. Every time I was just about asleep, another would jolt me awake. Now I understand why people in Tohoku died from stress.

I am supposed to be studying Japanese today. But I’ve finished the chapter in my text book and really need some listening and speaking practice. A week or so ago, I went with a friend to a hostess bar. This was my real first, experience of such establishments. For 2000yen (per 2 hours) plus drinks you get to chat to a nice, pretty and intelligent girl. So, either I could go to Japanese lessons for 2000yen for one hour, and get a good grilling in Japanese, or go for a drink and practice real conversation, albeit without correction. Hard choice.

Not being able to follow a simple conversation is really starting to depress me. Having to ask friends to repeat things slowly, or say it again in English just doesn’t make me feel any better. I mean, this is what I do for a job. I spend every day speaking in slow, easy English about such scintillating topics as “go to shopping” or “I play surfing.” I feel like I’m demeaning my friends by bringing them down to a level of stupidity that I have to deal with 5 days a week.

I no longer care about my job. NOVA have done so much to really annoy all of us, that any hope or care I might have had about improving myself have been ground down. So, now my new interest is (still) studying Japanese, and trying to make some extra cash. So, now I sell manga. Management at NOVA seems to follow a very 1984 pattern of promotion based on whether you can toe the party line, and keep the system running. Most managers were teachers, and most teachers came fresh out of uni, or from McJobs in their home country. Thus, the management gene pool runs very shallow.

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