I’ve got it

The flu, and it really sucks.

Well, hello old friend.

It had been a long time since the last update. Why I hear you ask? Well, first of all I moved house. The Meinohama place had to be vacated, so I spent a quick few weeks with friends looking for somewhere to live and paying an extortionate amount of money just to walk into the place, of which I get bugger all back.

And I’ve still been trying to get on top of full time work. I now really understand people who live for the weekend. It’s the oasis between working days. I’ve had a little respite today ’cause I’ve had the flu. But I think I should go to work tomorrow and infect everyone I possibly can, starting with the boss.

I’ve been back to Australia, had a 23 hour stop over in Shanghai, been snowed on while cycling around the back streets of Fukuoka lost looking for anything the guide me home and generally discovered the importance of keeping the poo stains out of the toilet.

I don’t really have the brain power to keep this going today. I feel like adding some more things to the site, like what book I’m currently reading and so on. I tend to tear through them at breakneck speed, which is a shame because I tend to have no recollection of what it was about. Also things like what music I’m listening too and so on.

For the nerds out there, I’m on a 40Mb ADSL connection. But the ADSL modem acts as a firewall, and I don’t have any access codes to get into it yet. And all the pages about it are in Japanese ;-) so I think it’ll be a 5 minute cron job to upload the information as needed. I’ve also undergone two crashes on lump. One involving a full reinstall of debian (thankfully my personal data, email and music survived) and another with windows. I didn’t lose anything with the windows crash except time.

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