In the land time forgot – Fukuoka, Kyushu-Okinawa, Japan

So, I at home in Miyake having a last supper, by myself. Bread and soy coffee. Got cleaning to do, packing and then off to Imajuku to stay at Ayaka’s place before we head off to the airport at the crack of dawn to catch the first of 16 flights.

It hasn’t been an easy two days. On Wednesday she had an accident on her motorbike/scooter. I went and got her, took her to the hospital and then home. It was a nasty gash on her right foot which makes it difficult to walk, let alone hike. Did I mention we’re going to Machu Picchu. If it had been any worse, we might have cancel the trip. It set off a difficult series of events. She was wearing my new gortex jacket, which now has some rips in it I need to fix (somehow.) Wednesday was supposed to be shopping day, not bleeding day, so that made yesterday shopping day (in-between me going to court and other things I had to do), with a crappy foot.

Then yesterday I went to court to get back my bond from my last apartment. It was a rather fast and much easier process than I had expected. So much so that, it made the real estate company that was in the middle come out looking like a pack of liars. Well, at least I got some money back. But I’m disappointed that there’ll be no change to the system. Everyone else will be ripped off.

Well, back to the soy coffee.

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