In the beginning

What am I doing here?

One must sometimes consider all the options available. Then go through each and take the most responsible, the most considerate of others and the most economical. I seem to have done the complete opposite and completely annoyed everyone by totally buggering off to the other side of the world and starting all over again.

But first things first. No, I did not have a chunder on the way to Hong Kong. Someone else had that honour, and left a nasty mess in the aisle as we were disembarking from the plane. I don’t think they had had carrots in their dinner. I usually have the vegan so that I get served first and also that I have a better chance of getting something I can eat. This has served me well over the years, and this trip was okay. I think eating airline food is a lot like gambling, but here there’s no chance of becoming a winner.

Going from the airport to the hotel I took the easy option and pre-paid for a bus to take me. Honk Kong is not known for its wide, open streets and so I felt a little panicky getting there. But the room was huge (well, for what I was paying, and what I was expecting, I did quite well. Normally one gets ripped off when ones lets the airline suggest the accommodation.

Hong Kong was okay. In some sense I wish I had spent more time there, but the cost factor was the driving force. The HK dollar is four times that of the Australian Dinar, one ends up paying about HK$10 for a coffee, and it seems quite a lot really. But it isn’t. Well, not really.

Although I only got to see a small part of Hong Kong, at least I understand a lot of the design aesthetics of the anime Ghost in the Shell now. The strangest thing was seeing bamboo used as the scaffolding for quite high building constructions.

My hotel room had an ADSL box in it, which I could have hooked the lappie up to and surfed the net (had I joined their programme, and probably agreed not to download terrabytes of p0rn.) But I didn’t bring any network cable with me, couldn’t be bothered going out to get some, and, well, didn’t feel like hacking into the system. (Not that I’d know how to ;-))

I went for walk in the morning around the shops near the hotel, which was is north Kowloon. Lots of traffic, lots of people. Lots of rain. When I left Sydney, I noticed over the suburbs that we have huge homes, with large gardens and wide streets. The amount of space that we use for living in is huge (some would say obscene) compared to those in Hong Kong and Japan.

After Hong Kong, the flight to Taipei and then Fukuoka was fine. There were a bunch of Eastern European girls on the flight, and I had this bad feeling they might have been going to Japan to work as Hostess Girls. Their English seemed to be pretty bad, so I didn’t bother with striking up a conversation lest they present me with a bill at the end.

Taipei airport was very uninspirational.

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