I saw Naples, and I died. – Naples, Campania, Italy

Last night’s hotel was weird. The first place we stayed in was one star, and 45 euro. The room was small, didn’t have a TV and no breakfast. We though it was an okay deal. But we looked around for another place, and found one where the guy said 40 euro, no breakfast. I thought it was okay but Ayaka (as usual) tried to haggle, so the guy asked me how much do I want to pay? Cash, up-front. This is the third place that has asked for cash. I’m sure two of them were doing it as a tax dodge. And the third, I don’t know. Maybe it was an illegal hostel place. Some places ask for your passport for ID, some don’t. Some Internet Cafe’s ask (they have to by law) and some don’t. (This one I’m in now, run by Chinese, doesn’t). Most rooms say non-smoking, but have ash trays. This Internet cafe is non-smoking, but the guy next to me is smoking. The guy running the place is spending his time downloading TV shows.

Not sure what we are doing tonight. The island of Capri looks good, but I don’t know if we can find a cheap place to stay. Siena looks good and cheap but there’s no where to stay.

What to do? We have a few days left, and have to leave via Milan airport, about 12 hours away by train. We were thinking about catching a night train but I keep reading stories of people being robbed on them.

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