I give up

Japanese is becoming too hard!

I give up.

Well, I’m ready to give up.

I’ve been studying Japanese for a while now, and recently I’ve been trying to really move up to the next level of understanding and usage, and get ready for taking the 2nd level Japanese test. It isn’t easy, and I’ve been annoying my friends with questions and so on. These aren’t easy questions, and if you haven’t studied to be a teacher, or really studied grammar, then they can be difficult to answer. You know why it’s wrong, or strange but can’t explain why.

If you want to try and understand what I’m struggling with, try to explain the difference between while, during and when to someone who doesn’t have a lot of English.

It’s stupid, really. I can have a conversation with a friend, I can go into a shop and deal with shop staff, I can watch TV and follow some bits. But really, I don’t feel like I getting better.

It’s also got quite cold again. This morning is was raining, then it changed into snow, and then back into rain. Not the nicest. My apartment is cold, and it’s making me sleep more and therefore be always tired.

Work has been okay, the money is staying stable, I’ve been exercising and I’ve got a lot of free time to study. I should be happy. One would think so.

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