My little secret.

Life is bubbling along mostly fine. I’m about half way through Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It’s really doing my head in, for want of a better expression. It did the author’s head in as well. It’s really a deconstruction of his mental breakdown from years before in a context of a new personality. Hopefully I won’t have to have go through electroshock therapy to clean my brain out.

But I do feel it needs a purge of sorts. I’m carrying a lot of junk around from years ago, from growing up and everything else. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Also been having lots of soubetsukai parties (farewell parties) for teachers. Many NOVA teachers just come for a year, and then bugger off back home. But now it’s not just teachers who came after me who are leaving, but a lot of long-term teachers who had been here for years and were part of the furniture (or stains on the teachers room carpet.) Also, been saying goodbye to Japanese friends who have left (or are leaving) for a one year Working Holiday in Australia and other places. And then also have had a few kangekai parties (welcome, or welcome back parties) for those Japanese who left a year ago and have returned. Needless to say, they want to go back to Australia, New Zealand or wherever.

My little money making venture, Himitsu is very slowly starting to get nibbles and bites. It’s fun trying to navigate Japanese bookstores to find the things I want, and researching the net looking for new and cool books to put up. Just hope I can make enough to balance out.

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