Entry Number 51

It’s been a while.

Hi. Long time, no see.

So, my last entry was months ago. So, let’s start at the end and go backwards, ’cause that’s how I’m going to remember it. Or maybe just a mash of ideas.

Today, we’ve got a bloody big typhoon powering it’s way towards us. The strange thing about this one is that it turned right at Taiwan, and kind of started coming directly for us. And when I say us, I mean me. There’s day long coverage on TV about it, with lots of pictures of mud slides, waves, tress ripped out of the ground, cars overturned. Flying cows.

Okay, I made the flying cows bit up. You can read about it here:

Typhoon batters southern Japan

So, most of my days have been filled with working and studying Japanese. I’m currently gorging myself with Kanji. The Chinese characters that make up the reading and writing of Japanese. There are three character sets in Japanese. Hiragana which is used for grammar markers, some words and word inflections, Katakana which is used for sounds and foreign words and Kanji which usually represent the base of each word.

As I teach English, I should be happy that people use English. But what I’m finding is that some people, rather than try and use a Japanese word, or make a new Japanese word up, just appropriate am English word. Sometimes incorrectly. So many new ideas, or whatever are usually expressed in English rather than Japanese. I hate it, and it’s part of being an English teacher I don’t like. Imagine if John Howard started using French words to express new ideas or policies?

So, what else?

Ayaka and I travelled around Japan for a few days during the summer break. We went to Chichu Art Museum which was built into the ground, and was a balance between the natural and the constructed. Chichu means subterranean or underground

At the moment on TV, between typhoon updates, I’m watching fat men throw themselves around on packed dirt. It’s all quite ceremonial.

What else? I don’t know really. Summer kind of came and went really quickly. It was hot, but not for long. Rainy season started early, finished late and then it got really hot. Then suddenly, it cooled down. So, now, except for the typhoon, it’s been quite livable.

I’m planning to come back to Australia for about 5 weeks in December and January. Not sure how well that’s going to go. I’m worried about money. I’m a part-time worker, so when I don’t work, I don’t make money. As Thoreau pointed out in Walden, that time is money. If I don’t work it’s like a double whammy. I don’t earn and I spend. So, I’ll have to plan ahead carefully for that one. Also, the exchange rate has gone down the toiler, again. So, now I have to save even more.

Japanese TV is usually pretty boring, like most TV I guess, but this afternoon there was an episode of The A Team on. The freaky thing was I had seen it before, and could remember bits of the story. And yeah, it was really, really stupid. But addictive.

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