Dead City – Pompei, Campania, Italy

Fantastic. Machu Pichhu was good. Pompeii was too. I don’t know which was better, but this time we rented the audio guide so it was good to hear some details about what we were looking at.

We had a pizza for lunch. One thing to watch out for here is that in Naples restaurants have a 15% service charge to eat in. So we bought a pizza for takeaway and ate it across the street using my water bottle for a drink. Saved a euro or two. And it was really good pizza. Naples pizza is a bit softer, with a good crust. And the tomato sauce is nice too. And not always smothered in cheese. The pasta dinner last night was good to, nice fresh pasta.

However, when we got the bill they had put 4 coffees down, so we asked them to fix it. We got the new bill and paid, and the change was wrong. They had used the wrong bill again. So we had the ask *again* for the right change. At least it was cheap.

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