Are taking over my life again.


But I feel better now. I’m glad to see that I can still work the magic. And that pieces still fall into place. I had to draw upon some deep memory reserves to get everything into place and make the magic happen. And, dear reader, how does this benefit you in the search for meaning within these pages. Not a bit.

Many moons ago I wrote a system for editing pages called Kumera. I still use it to build these pages. For my latest thing, himitsu I needed more functionality. So, for the last two weeks I’ve neglected most things necessary for survival except going to work.

When one considers the mental process of doing something deeply, like study or research it is said, and I accept this premise, that we think in the language of what were are doing. When I was doing uni projects, or other computing jobs, I thought in code, I dreamed in code. It became all consuming for the time that I did the project. And for the last 2 weeks I’ve felt that again.

When I involve myself in Japanese study though, it feels as though I can almost dream in Japanese. I can almost think in Japanese. But I’m at a cusp of ability and I need to push myself harder and further to break the whatever it is to become natural in Japanese.

Working at a shitty language school, speaking English all the time doesn’t help. But, a little while ago I got the chance to travel to Shikoku for 4 days by myself. I got to speak Japanese, and have a good, relaxing time.

Oh, and here are some pictures of penises I saw at a sex museum at Taga Shrine, Uwajima, Ehime prefecture.

Got wood?
Got wood?
Rock hard?
Rock hard?

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