Cheese, Dr Who and Beer – Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

So, Cardiff. Well, we are staying near the city centre (well, about a 20 minute walk) and in the castle was a cheese festival. The Great British Cheese Festival. Lots of cheese, pies, beer, food, and good stuff all around. Actually, I quite liked the British ales. Smooth, creamy and not so hard to drink. Lots of flavour and no so expensive for a pint.

Generally Cardiff was a break in the trip after the horrors of Italy and the trains. Having a place where we can relax, cook, and watch a lot of TV in English.

The highlight for me was going to the Dr Who exhibition, and catching some  filming of Torchwood on my last night in Cardiff. I thought I had missed all the filming, but we got to see some of the actors. (Not Capitan Jack, though. Well, it might have been him in the distance tucking into a curry on the cast and crew bus.)

We drinking a few times, including the last night where Kenny and I did what we usually do and go for a pub crawl. Cardiff has a huge number of pubs. Just within short walking distance of Kenny’s place there are 5 pubs. No wonder they are going under all the time. A pint of beer (600mls) costs between about 1.70 and 2.55 pounds, which isn’t so bad compared to other places. Coffee, after being in Italy, isn’t so good.

Supermarkets were great. Being around all that food, and the choices and types was fantastic. Although we had an oven to use at Kenny’s place I didn’t do any roasts really. We had apple and rhubarb pies, chocolate and so on. Marks and Spencers, although a little pricey, had fantastic meals (all ready to go), all branded as M&S. So Tescos and Sainsburys also had ready to go roasts and so on.

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