Beer, Beach and Chunder

Okay, so I got sick again.

This morning I was having a heave ho, an upward food evacuation, a chunder, a jackson pollock, driving the pocelain bus, talking on the pocelain telephone, spewing, vomiting, a food escape, a puke and a rainbow or technicolour yawn.

After that I had a downward food evacuation, painting the bowl, Dehli belly, the trots, a chocolate milkshake, splatter and patter, Montezuma’s revenge, liquid fart, a slip slop splat and the runs.

I feel a bit better now.

I had gone out for dinner with an English girl last night, who I had met in Hiroshima, and thought she had already left Japan. In the hotel yesterday morning I waited for the lift, when the doors opened there she was. It was a bit of a shock really. Struggling to remember her name, we organised to meet that night for a drink and some dinner.

Fukuoka is famous for it’s Ramen noodles, which have a broth of boiled pigs bones. Quite tasty really. Anyway, these yatai are everywhere and are quite popular. Normally in Japan the food preparation is quite clean. I’ve never had a problem before buying food from street vendors.

I was going to Nagasaki to meet another of my English friends for the day. I was running quite late, which was why it was so weird to bump into my English friend from Hiroshima. We could have missed each other my seconds quite easily. Anyway, I got to Nagasaki about an hour late, which wasn’t doing to bad for me. Eventually I bumped into my friend who had gone off to put her backpack into a locker for the day. Nagasaki is really relaxing. Although I didn’t get to the peace museum this time (maybe in a few days, love this rail pass) we went to the harbour development which looked just like Cockle Bay Warf on a smaller scale. Instead of seagulls flying around we had wild eagles. I was waiting for one to swoop down and pick up a small child, or a dog that everyone seemed to be walking (dogs, they were walking dogs, the childen were incidental.)

Anyway, got back to Fukuoka on time (suprisingly.) Went out for dinner, had quite a bit to drink. We found this really good International Bar. Don’t think I could find it again, not because I had too much to drink but all the streets look the same (they are either small, or large.) And well, the rest is detailed above for your reconstructive pleasure.

I guess not all Japanese food is prepared as well as I thought. We avoid the yatai that had “Stewed Internal Organs” advertised on it’s outside, and the things we couldn’t identify. Needless to say, I didn’t see her this morning before her flight. Oh, yeah, she was leaving for China today, so she had almost left the country.

What was weirder was that I’m beginning to believe that there are probably about 10 backpackers in this country, and I’ve met most of them. Just knowing one or two backpackers in common is pretty weird here. But I could draw a graph with quite a few connected lines to who knows who, just from staying at Youth Hostels.

Today, after spending the morning recovering, I have come to Karatsu. A seaside beach town about an hour from Fukuoka. Although I got wet up to my legs, and the water was really refreshing, I wimped out going for a full splash. After having a quick shower and got changed, I wished I really had gone for a swim. Maybe on the weekend I’ll return. There are two beaches, one with surf and one that is in a protected bay. Being 5pm when I got here, the surf beach was too far to walk and I couldn’t work the busses out. The quiet beach was okay, it was what I needed. But it was getting cold.

Must go eat. Hopefully the food will progress through my body in the normal way.

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