Be bussed. — Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and Canary Islands

One of the things we’ve been about to have a few times here is churros with chocolate. They’re like long doughnuts dipped in a cup of chocolate. And in Valencia, we had pretty good (and cheap) ones across from the main cathedral. (Oh, and I didn’t get to see the Holy Grail though. It was Sunday, so there was a service on, and the Grail section was closed.)

And then back in Barcelona. We went for a paella at this swanky restaurant. Here we were, with our big bags, me stressing about getting to the airport on time, with guide book in hand trying to find this place on a little-ish back street. Oh, and we were tired and smelly because we had an early morning bus trip from Valencia to Barcelona, it was hot and our bags were heavy. (Well, I was smelly, and unshaved.) So, there we were in a flash, restaurant eating our last Spain meal. And off again.

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