Awake, again? – Granada, Andalusia, Spain and Canary Islands

Night buses are not fun.

Grenada however is pretty cool. Lots of old buildings, history and food. We had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant (Restaurante Arrayanes) that Lonely Planet (and a zillion other books) recommended. However it was now overpriced compared to other places down the street. But it was nice to have something a bit different.

I should point out that we are using a €99 kmtriko bus pass from ALSA. We bought it on the Internet, and picked it up in Logroño. That makes it sound easy, it was actually a hell of a lot of going backwards and forwards between the bus station, and Internet cafe and the phone. It seems the product is fairly new and the staff haven’t been trained so well in how to administer the ALSA “Bus Plus” card. However, we managed to get our first tickets. This time.

Grenada’s main sight is the imposing castle and whatnot on top of the hill. As with everything else, it cost quite a bit to get in, and so we didn’t. There was however a new media art exhibition in a free part of the grounds that I quite liked, except a few of the bigger more interesting exhibits weren’t working.

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