Awake? – Logroño, La Rioja, Spain and Canary Islands

One good way to save money is to use overnight buses. Not much fun, you arrive at your destination at 6am, and nothing is open and hotels don’t seem so helpful. We turned up at the place we wanted to stay, sleepy after an all night bus trip, and cold because we waited outside for the sun to come up. We paid for a room at 8am-ish, went in, had a shower and went to sleep for a few hours. We were woken up at 12 noon by a maid telling us that we had to check out. We said no. So we argued with the manager about it for 10 minutes before she relented and let us stay for the night. It seems rooms are rented 12noon to 12noon. If you come in at 10am, you get 2 hours before you have to leave. Well, we got lucky this time. We should have been clearer with the night time guy about what we wanted, but what the hell.

Logroño is a great place for food. They’re two or so streets (Laurel and another) filled with tapas bars. The best bars do just one dish. The two we liked the most were the pork buns with a yummy sauce (Morunos at Paganos), and the mushroom (Satas at Bar Soriano). And it was so cheap, with a glass of local wine (the La Rojia area is the main wine area of Spain) we could eat at each place for about €3 or so. (A glass of wine was about €0,40.)

Other than that, there was a street march of people in traditional solider uniforms firing their flintlock guns. And just some nice old buildings. From here we’re going to use the ALSA €99 7 days kmtriko Bus Plus pass. And lots and lots of night busses. Woo hoo.

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