Another day

In another world, muck like our own.

What to write?

Not much has happened in the last few weeks. I had a party at my apartment with about 20 people, half Japanese, half non-Japanese. It was pretty good. Just seeing some of my work friends outside work, it’s interesting to see how people relate to each other.

I was told the average time a person stays with NOVA is 7 months. I think Fukuoka must have it good because I’d say the average stay is about 18 months here. Maybe in Tokyo or elsewhere it’s shorter. But that said, the conditions are starting to grind me down. I’ve been here for 14 months now, and a lot of the people I knew when I got here have left, or moved on. Some of the people who seem to have been here forever are leaving. Even some of my Japanese friends have departed for Australia and elsewhere for a year of Working Holiday fun.

It’s nice to know that even the web has it’s dark, crusty bits. Especially when they are my dark crusty bits.

My Japanese is coming along slowly. I’m starting to build a useful lexicon, and manage more than just, “excuse me, but where’s the curry?” I am however not being as active as I should be in doing things that I keep telling myself that I should do. Lots of great projects for me to do, lots of time to do it in, and I spend too much time sleeping or reading, or avoiding doing my Japanese study.

I also recently saw a story about world domination, old fashioned style, makes for interesting reading.

I’m also starting to feel a sense of deepening paranoia about the world around me as it slowly closes in and suffocates me. But it’s probably nothing. I mean, my friends don’t invite me to things, everyone talks about me behind my back and there’s something strange growing in my fridge.

I’m also not sure what to write in these bits. I guess if I write something, people (that’s you) can email me with questions and so on. Maybe the first one I can answer is: Christmas, or just after for the cricket.

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