All Good Things

Must come to an end.

So that’s it.

Out of Japan, back in Sydney. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. Each day just comes as it comes. I have a lot of down time at the moment, so I’m getting a lot of books read, and doing a lot of thinking. Going for a bush walk helps. But I’m not following up with the thinking and the reading. I have ideas that I’ve thought through, but nothing seems to come out of it.

One of the big problems I have is no money. It would help to have a job, but I can’t do anything yet about that.


Anyway, this is supposed to be about my time in Japan. But first, here’s a goanna.

So, anyway. I had fun in Japan. It made me look at life differently, especially now I’m just that bit older. So, that’s it.

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