A Poo on the Peak

Getting lost and discovering a hidden talent.

So, I went up a mountain again today.

Today was different for three reasons.

  1. I went by myself for the first time.
  2. I got lost.
  3. I did my first squatting poo.

I’m rather glad that number 3 came after number 2, so I wasn’t in any way disturbed.

I took a path up the ridge line that I thought was the short cut, it wasn’t, and soon the path disappeared. Anyway, I found a creek and then, as always, some concrete (as usual in Japan) in the shape of a small dam.

It wasn’t at this point that I thought of the joke about the bear and the rabbit in the woods, but much later. However, in terms of the narrative, now seems to be a good time to insert it into the story.

And after doing the poo (it was handy having the water nearby, but no rabbits) I thought, there must have been an access road to build the dam, and lo and behold there was. I thought I was lost for about 3 hours. It was closer to 45 minutes, and it probably did serve to shorten the trip, except for the poo which took a few minutes to do. And what’s worse, it wasn’t Teflon coated because I hadn’t eaten fruit (or rabbit) for 2 days. Bummer.

You probably didn’t need to know any of that. But since no one reads this, it doesn’t matter.

But the hiking every Sunday for the last few months has made me feel better, so that’s good. And that’s another thing to tick off my list.

A squatting poo.

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